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We specialise in selling lifestyles. A way of life. We encourage a buyer to invest, not just in bricks and mortar but a potential dream. This is our passion.

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  • Free Home visit with market appraisal - during which we will open your eyes to how we really can maximise your homes potential
  • Fabulous in house photography including "lifestyle shots" ensuring the maximum amount of people cross your threshold to increase your chances of achieving the price you want
  • For Sale Board with in house Floor Plans
  • Peace of mind that your sale is being taken care of as if it was our own
  • Structured Accompanied Viewings with comprehensive information about your home
  • Dedication & Professionalism 
  • Rightmove & Zoopla Advertising
  • Invaluable advice to ensure your marketing is attracting the right buyers
  • Where marketing matters and knowledge prevails

A litte innovation goes a long way...

A stunning, modern 3 bed semi detached home in Morecambe was on the market for 10 months with another local agent.  After 10 months a sale was finally agreed at £12,000 below the asking price.  The young family had found the perfect house to move to.  Spent money on a survey and solicitors and their buyers pulled out just as they were gearing up for the move.  The owners were devatstated and completely at a loss.  After 4 more weeks and very little interest they instructed us.  We sold the house in just 2 weeks and achieved an additional £5000.  This gave the owners thier dream kitchen & the famiy holiday they deserved.

"We were totally demoralised and thought we’d lose the house we wanted. We decided we wanted a fresh approach to the house and asked Victoria at V-Move to market it. When giving notice to our previous agent, they told me ‘at the end of the day, all estate agents are the same’ and I totally disagree. The enthusiasm, professionalism and constructive advice offered to us by Victoria along with her amazing photography made us proud of our house again and she sold it in weeks! We didn’t lose the house we wanted to buy and the whole experience of dealing with VMove has been a pleasure. I highly recommend them to everyone"

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Selling your home?

We have a slightly different approach to Estate Agency, following a survey by the OFT Quantative Consumer Survey Report GfK 2009, they found that a whopping “32% of those who used an estate agent believed that the fees represented slightly or very poor value for money.” Well they hadn't met us!!

We are now THE fastest selling agent in the LA4 and LA5 postcodes AND our houses achieve THE HIGHEST viewing rates online than any other agent in the LA1 LA2 LA3 LA4 areas!

This is because we sell the your home to appeal to what a buyer really wants.  This is because you get REAL marketing advice as standard to ensure that you get more viewings and better offers.  You need someone to take that worry away, someone who listens to what you need, and works on your property the right way.  Someone who meets your buyers and selects your home for them based on what they need not just a set of criteria. 

You need someone who gets to every appointment early, and turns on your lamps by your bedside to give an air of luxury before your buyers arrive then greets them at the car with an umbrella and talks about your home, because they KNOW about your home.

You see, the advice you receive is not just a standard de-clutter and clean, it's a full account of ways you can improve, things you can do to give your buyers a much better experience when viewing your home.  It's bespoke to you, (and it is also easy on the wallet too)

Then we take the best photographs of your property to promote it in the best possible way, more exposure = more sales.  More viewings mean higher offers and faster sales.   Trust me, there are no compromises when it comes to your most important asset.

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Housing Market Update - December 2015:

*NEWs UPDATE*   Stamp Duty changes 

Did you even know it was changing?  Remember when VAT dropped to 15% to kick start the economy then rose to 20% to compensate for the reduction  (It had previously been 17.5% for years).  

So what will the new Stamp Duty Land Tax mean to you next April?  Will you be affected?  Will you have to find more money to move? Or will you escape without the hefty price tag? 

If you are selling your only property and buying one.  Nothing changes for your purchase, you are good to go.  Your rates stay at the new low figures. (see below) BUT read on, as depending who buys your property and their position may affect your offers?  Not always, not often, not every house, but maybe. 

If you have another property that you own, or are considering a rent to buy scenario you might need to read on, carefully, and proceed with a little more caution. 

So what is changing? 

In November 2015 the government announced a stamp duty increase the current stepped rates by 3 points for any properties over £40,000 from April 2016.

Click here to check the

How does the stepped part work?:  Right now a £150,000 property would have to pay 2% on £25k in April (on second homes and BTL) that will change to 3% on the first £125,000 and 5% on the next £25k


Moss Properties Managing Director Sanjay Gandhi thinks this is to aid the buy to let sector and 'reduce down accidental landlords and smaller landlords to provide longer term lets and less instability in lives around the uk' as the 'overseas markets work very differently and provide long term lets to tenants'

How does this affect you? (our Lancaster and Morecambe sellers)


If you are a landlord and considering expanding your portfolio you will have to dig deeper post April.  

Pitfalls for Renters:  

Rents may have to rise to ensure a Buy to Let is a good investment 

Pitfalls for owner occupiers wanting to sell:  

Properties sold to landlords MAY see more negotiation in offers or lower offers.  

Note to sellers:  Not every buyer is an investor/second home owner so sellers, this might not be a problem at all for you anyway.  

(Just ask your agent each time you have a viewing, so you can be prepared) 

Bonus for first time buyers: 

If you are a first time buyer the choice will increase as the properties are less likely to be snapped up by buy to let landlords 

Landlord Bonus:  

Will things really change for a landlord?  If rents rise, you will still get a similar investment yield anyway that you had before even with an increased upfront cost.  Just do the sums.

My Predictions: 

Buy to let landlords with just a few properties may sell them off in the first quarter providing a boost early next year to available properties, bad news for sellers of these properties as there will be more choice, leading to a stabilisation of house prices.  

Ask us how to increase the likelihood of a sale and how to attract the right buyers YOU REALLY WANT!! 

If you are a first time buyer you may find a good buy early next year! 

Those who can't sell: 

For those people who can't sell their home and need to move will need to make more considerations prior to taking the plunge.


The government hasn't finalised the parameters yet!  So, you may still be a way to sidestep the cost.  Some reports have said that you could purchase in your long term partners name - I'm sure your solicitor will have something to say about this.  Good news if your not married, I suppose! Watch this space. 

For those larger corporates buying properties and already owning more than 15 properties, may receive special dispensation for this, but no one yet knows. 

What does this mean to the Uk property market? 

In 2014 the government stepped in to assist the growth of the property market by making the SDLT stepped.  Therefore reducing the cost of purchasing a house.  The predictions back then was that it would be a catalyst to aiding growth.  In parts it did, it made the financial strain of a purchase  much easier, especially for first time buyers and investors.  Yes, the market saw an increase this year of purchases and in 2015 there were over £1.4 million transactions.  Much higher than previous years.  It didn't really have the influx of buyers that was predicted, for those who were already purchasing it made a big difference, and even now I still come across people who don't know that it has changed for the better. 

The future with the new SDLT we are still yet to hear the finer details, at the moment my prediction is that it is unlikely to make much difference to Landlords/investors in Lancaster and Morecambe.  Our buy to let investors prefer the more reasonably priced homes that will only see a small increase in upfront costs. 

Lots of the industry guru's have predicted an average house price increase of 5% in 2016 - (individual predictions differed from a mediocre 2.5% (Property wire) to 7.30% from Beacon Economic forecasting).  It would be interesting to see exactly what they predict after this announcement about SDLT. 

We may see a shortfall in new landlords to market but I think overall it will see that home owners that do go on to sell their properties will be much happier selling to first time buyers and owner occupiers and gaining the price they really want. 

Local investors that are serious will see the bigger picture and their nest eggs will be fine if they are in it for the long haul anyway 

As for our Lancaster and Morecambe owners that wanted to rent their old homes to buy a new one - may have considerations to think about, but not until we know the extent of what the government will impose. 

As a side note: The government is panning to invest circa £60million of the funds they gain from this into areas where 2nd home ownership is particularly acute, interesting indeed! 

Plus:  Less rentals may mean less 'To Let' signs all over the place!  These are almost like junk mail on the outside of houses at the moment and don't help first time buyers feel comfortable in high rental uptake areas. 

I'd love to know how you think this will affect you?  Are you currently struggling to sell and weighing up your options?  or perhaps trying to build a local property portfolio for your children?  Why not drop me an email on 

Nothing is ever straight forward and sometimes carefully electing the right moving strategy will lessen your monetary burden and help to attain your dream home. 

I'd love to hear from you



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