"To create the best client experience company by delivering incredible results for you using:

Irresistible marketing

Skilled negotiation and

Obsessive communication"

These 3 skills are at the core of our agency which is why we achieve over 2% more on average. 

Victoria Green
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Welcome to V Move

Searching for the perfect agent just got more simple.  On average we achieve over 2% more per property.  

There’s no one secret to achieving amazing results. It’s a combination of:  tenacity, creativity, innovation, analysis, knowledge, empathy, processes, systemisation, marketing, problem-solving, optimism, curiosity, persistence, passion, understanding and the power of listening.

Only with all of these things come the ultimate results and with that a whole bundle of happy clients.

When you ask us to sell your home, what are you really ‘buying’ from us?


  • Trust that we will do as we promise we will
  • Reassurance that we have successfully sold homes like yours before
  • Belief that we will do absolutely anything and everything it takes to sell your home
  • Understanding that selling your home is a joint effort - a collaboration, a team target
  • Hope that you will sell quickly and be able to move onto the next exciting chapter of your life
  • Surprise that you will actually enjoy the experience, including all the ups and downs you may face along the way, knowing that we will be your side at every step
  • Certainty that no matter the outcome, we have done absolutely everything we could possibly do to make your plans a reality.



 One thing to note, though, is that we are selective. We only take on homes we believe we can sell and homeowners we believe will be an amazing fit.

To help get homes sold we look at each home differently, showcasing its unique personality. No one does it like we do.


Right now you’ve got a few choices:

Check out our Showcase – filled with some of our more memorable sales

Why not Meet the Team and find out what makes them good enough for your home

Or you could simply give us a call and ask to meet with us at your home, our home move consultations are free, to find out what you specifically need to sell your home for the best possible price.