We are a consultancy with a limit of just 5 private clients who want the best result in a simple and effective way.  We take you from Marketing to moving.  Find out below why you need us...

"Delivering incredible results for you using:

Irresistible marketing

Skilled negotiation and

Obsessive communication"

These 3 skills are at the core of our agency which is why we achieve over 2% more on average.

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Welcome to V Move

No longer do you need the perfect agent, you just need the right person on your side.  My name is Victoria Green and for the last 6 years I have run one of the UK's most successful agencies with results that you want to read about.  Check out The Discover tab above.

On average we achieve over 2% more per property.

There’s no one secret to achieving amazing results. It’s a combination of:  tenacity, creativity, innovation, analysis, knowledge, empathy, processes, systemisation, marketing, problem-solving, optimism, curiosity, persistence, passion, understanding and the power of listening.

Only with all of these things come the ultimate results and with that a whole bundle of happy clients.

What do we actually do?


  • I'll commission a lifestyle photographer for a half/full day shoot (yes that's how long it can take to get it perfect).  It took us 4 months to find the perfect one!  I'll even be on hand to style every shot for you.
  • Your brochure will be written by our highly regarded copywriter.  She is the UK's best and only writes for me in this area.
  • You'll get a designer who has been designing exclusive and bespoke brochures which get your home noticed.  If it is worth £1million it needs to showcase that perfectly.
  • Under my direction, this will have the result you need. I will have spent hours with you by this time to get everything just right.
  • I'll launch you onto Rightmove in partnership with a trusted agent, whom works with me to get a result.
  • I'll do all the viewings and liaise with all the buyers to get a negotiation started and completed.  You can rest assured I'll know the house like it's my own, and, be able to get the best result because it's me dealing directly with them.
  • Imagine having your very own butler.  Well, I  won't serve you dinner but I'll make sure you get a buyer, that loves your home so much that they will overcome any hurdles in the path.

 One thing to note, though, is that I'm selective. I only take on homes we believe I can sell and homeowners I believe I will be an amazing fit.

To help get homes sold I look at each home differently, showcasing its unique personality. No one does it like I do.

Right now you’ve got a few choices:

Check out our Showcase – filled with some of my more memorable sales

Why not Meet the Team and find out what makes them good enough for your home

Or you could simply give me a call and ask to meet with me at your home, the home move consultations are free, to find out what you specifically need to sell your home for the best possible price.  If you don't need me, I'll be honest and tell you.