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What is downsizing?

What is Downsizing? Throughout your life you’ve moved up and up and up.  Moving from one home to another to make your home fit your family and your lifestyle.  Perhaps for the last 10-15 years you’ve lived in your beautiful family home, seen out many birthdays, children’s birthday parties, brought home baby grandchildren, a couple…Read More→

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Do brochures sell homes?

Do brochures sell homes? Some of us can remember what property ‘particulars’ (brochures) looked like, way back in the olden days: a double-sided A4 sheet of typed information, complete with two or three stuck-on photographs measuring 3.5” x 5”.  If the agent had run out of these mini photographs, they would simply photocopy the pages…Read More→


What are the House Prices Doing in Hest Bank with Unique and Premium homes?

After a successful sale, we found some interesting results in Hest Bank. We love analysing properties especially those crammed with character and bursting with beautiful unique details.  One thing that we find more interesting than anything else is the price per square foot analysis. So very quickly we thought we’d share what we found.  …Read More→

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Farewell…for now

Don’t worry VMOVE isn’t going anywhere!! No need to panic! This is an unusual blog for us but one I wanted to share personally. As some of you may already know I am expecting my second child in October.  We are super excited at the Parkinson residence for the day to arrive where we can…Read More→


Why pigeons don’t like ladybirds. (How to sell a house with a ‘ladybird’ room)

  You knew that right? Perhaps not. Ladybirds don’t get eaten by many predators.  It’s all down to their colouring.  Those beautiful red backs adorned with glossy black spots are there for a very good reason. Defence. Protection. Warning. These lovely creatures have developed a mechanism to put off potential predators. Wonderful past clients of…Read More→