Thinking of Selling

“We are almost sure we’d like to sell, where do we start?”

You may have been thinking about this for 12 months. For some, the first time you thought of moving could be as long as 2 years ago. Have you started feeling squeezed? Tried to balance storage with a growing brood? Perhaps you’ve longed for the dream ‘forever’ home with large kitchen diner that offers space to gather as a family and for the ultimate entertaining, leads seamlessly to a sun terrace where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset overlooking that perfectly landscaped garden.  There’s just one thing standing in your way of that dream home… you need to sell.

Three things may be on your mind right now:

Is now the right time?
What will it sell for?
How long will it take?

These may be your pressing thoughts, but there are a few more things to consider, such as:

What type of estate agent is right for me?
How much does moving cost?
Where do we start?
What do I need to sell my home?

You’ll have so many questions and knowledge is power.

Read: Below we’ve got some of our most relevant blog posts to help you if you’re thinking of selling. There’s great help on when is the best time to sell your kind of house, how to select the right agent for you, how to present your home for sale, what you need to do before you sell and loads more!

Download: Grab your complimentary copy of ‘The ultimate guide to selling’ crammed with a plan, tips to get the best price, what to do next plus a checklist of what you’ll need to get moved.

Chat: We are here for a quick chat or even a more indepth talk, whether you’ve got 1 question or 21. We can book a call, you can call us on your lunch break or even book a time to visit the office. Ready for that next step – why not do this all from the comfort of your own home? We can see what we’ve got – give you all the advice you’d need to get a great sale easily and show you some of your next dream homes too.

Complimentary Saleability Consultation

A brand new and unique tool to help you sell your home on your terms.

To help you sell more quickly, and therefore for a higher price, and also to help make your moving experience as easy and smooth as possible, we have spent more than a year developing a unique 40-point 'Home Saleability Checklist'. Ranging from the current sale statistics for your street, to the type of flooring you have in your bathroom (yes, really!) we can tell you exactly how saleable your home is.

Our Home Saleability Consultation is completely free and takes no more than 45 minutes, unless you’d like it tagged onto a home move consultation where we’ll set the value of your home and show you what we do best. And your completely free Home Saleability Report is yours to keep.

Book your free Home Saleability Consultation now

Just call 01524 230722 or email and book your free Home Saleability Consultation today. We will arrange a visit by Victoria at your convenience and tell you how your home scores on our Home Saleability Checklist. You'll get your complimentary Home Saleability Report within 72 hours which is yours to keep.  Being in the dark about the saleability of your home can be a worry, and the fear of the unknown may mean you miss out on that perfect buyer who would be prepared to buy your home for the price you'd like.

Really looking forward to meeting you very soon.

Not quite ready?

How about an online instant valuation.  It takes around 60 seconds and is constantly being tweaked, we are just trailing it at the moment so have a click and see what you think:  Click here

Some times it's been super accurate, sometimes not so much, have a try, we'd love your feedback



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