Trying to Sell

“We’ve just launched...we are how can we get the best possible price in the best possible time as easily as we can?”

When you’ve just launched, you’ll be excited and apprehensive all at the same time.

What will buyers think?
When will the first offer come in?
What price will it be?

There are a number of things that are absolutely in your control and helping you to get the best offers, in the best time frame, is our speciality.

So what can you do now?

Getting launched on the market is often the easy part. To keep you on track there are plenty of ways to help your home get the best result.  Here are the two main ways you can make sure the outcome is the one you really want:

Presentation & Marketing

These two little words form the basis of every sale, and boosting your chances can be super simple and super effective.

So how can we help you?

Read: Below I have specifically put all my blog posts to help if you are on the market right now and things are just hotting up. There’s a whole host of secrets and insights into what your buyers are thinking, how to overcome their biggest questions, and how to present to get the best price you can

Download: Want to make sure you’ve not missed anything? Get your complimentary copy of our ultimate guide to selling your home to check off everything.  It’s full of secret tips on getting results to make your move smooth, plus how to get results quickly and easily, and what to do when you get those all-important offers.

Chat: Feeling like Bambi on ice? Being new to the market and not knowing if it’s all okay can make you feel unsteady.  Why not drop us a call and we’ll do a quick 10-minute assessment on your Rightmove advert.  Did you know there are 26 ways to get a result from your advert? Call us – we’ll check them all for you.


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Do brochures sell homes?

Do brochures sell homes? Some of us can remember what property ‘particulars’ (brochures) looked like, way back in the olden days: a double-sided A4 sheet of typed information, complete with two or three stuck-on photographs measuring 3.5” x 5”.  If the agent had run out of these mini photographs, they would simply photocopy the pages…Read More→