Should I let my new buyers fix things?

  This is a popular phrase that Estate Agents up and down the country hear along with,  ‘it needs freshening up but there’s no point if we’re selling’   and   ‘the wallpaper is dated but the new buyer will want to redecorate anyway’   Sound familiar?   Now, did you know that these excuses are the easiest…Read More→

Selfie why does it matter

Houses Can’t Take Selfies

  ‘Selfie’ DEFINITION A photo of oneself taken by oneself If we look at the ‘selfies’ taken by friends, colleagues or celebrities, you often see that they are flattering, taken from the best angle in the best light to produce the best picture, typically they depict a lifestyle or image that one would like to be portrayed in.  They…Read More→


Can Happiness SELL your home?

  So, here I am, blogging, again.  This time it literally landed on my desk! A sweet. A small bundle of happiness wrapped in a shiny purple and gold wrapper.  Delicious toffee coated chocolateness of a Cadburys chocolate éclair. It dropped from my ‘desk-shelf’, yes, I have a strange shelf on my desk, apparently a…Read More→