From the outside VMOVE looks intriguing. Sprawling photographs of lush landscapes highlighted by the soft golden hue of a sunset, or the stylish lifestyle pictures that enhance every bespoke brochure we pour over to make it perfect.

What many don’t know is why.  What makes us so successful for our clients?  It’s not just the magazine style photography. It is the whole strategy that is put into place from the second you say yes.

Selling a property is easy… selling a property for a premium price isn’t

We work on the Power of Three.


1 – The Marketing

2 – The Negotiation

3 – The Sales Progression


In order to successfully get you moved, all of the above have to be strategically executed.


I want to share with you the steps we take to ensure you get the very best price possible.  In reality, our strategy can be found in our brand manual (where every single step is outlined precisely) over 1000 pages of precisely the way to list, negotiate and sell strategically for the highest price possible.

At VMOVE we believe in transparency and education for homeowners to get more in every way possible.

Our simple step-by-step plan is based on my experience selling hundreds of properties and our obsession with marketing, strategies and marginal gains for our clients. No one does it like we do.


It works.

The Marketing

There is great marketing and then there is VMOVE marketing. It’s irresistible high impact marketing designed with conversion in mind


We are obsessed with marketing and the power it has to make someone take an action. Without the most amazing persuasive marketing techniques - from commissioning the best magazine photographer, to the most beautiful bespoke brochure that teases the emotions - you won’t get the most possible viewings, leading to the highest possible offer.


In every element, including our perfectly written words by our copywriter, the marketing has to encourage and convert a buyer to fall in love.  Those that buy with their hearts: pay the most; are more likely to overcome any hurdles at the solicitor’s stage, and are more likely to stay the course. (See Sales progression for the latest stats)


The Negotiation

Once you have the buyer(s) captured, the negotiation is key.

We achieve a whopping £36,200 more.  We know this because 62% of our houses have been on with a previous agent.  With us, they received offers of, on average, £36,200 more.  In some cases, we’ve negotiated buyers up by £50,000-£55,000.

So, what was different?

The Marketing.  It’s quite simple; you cannot be an expert negotiator if you don’t get the right people through the door.

We have a specific strategy, that is trained and delivered in a structured way.  Negotiating to get you the very best outcome depends on who is offering, their motivation and desire.

We know what we are listening for to engage better and advise on the next course of action better.  We know negotiation.


The Sales Progression

Did you know that 38.8% of sales fall through?  It’s an extraordinary amount.  Imagine getting the call to say your buyer has pulled out.  That feeling of unease when you agree a sale knowing that you have nearly a 40% chance of it falling through.

At VMOVE our fall through rate is just 11.3% because of everything we put in place before a sale is agreed.

Because our marketing targets those who love the home and are willing to overcome issues.  Because our negotiating skills and techniques mean we can feel the motivation and desire, and finally our Sale Progressor only has one job.   Get the sale to the end.

Peace of mind follows.

You Need Us

The strength in breaking the mould comes from working with ambitious, creative minds that grow a distinctive brand for you and your property. Bringing quality to life. (ps: It works!). If you love our marketing, if you’ve seen our brochures, or even read our stories for each home, if our photographs have sparked an emotion, or you’ve heard the squeals of delight when your neighbour sold, then we may well be the right agent for you. No one does it like we do.

V Move

As a boutique agency we aren’t afraid of saying no. If we can help, if you are a good fit, we’ll work together beautifully and we’ll get some of the best results possible. But we do keep our portfolio of homes more focused. (Here's why) It must fit with our values. We only want to work with the very best homeowners who completely understand us, understand the sheer power that persuasion marketing has, as we will never compromise on this. This is our thing. This is V Move.

A simple uncomplicated happiness.

Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale

We work in the area of Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale.

Lancaster – Our HQ sits gracefully between the Georgian and Victorian beauties. We love how just one corner can change the pace from fast city life to serene canal side living. Just one corner.

Kirkby Lonsdale – A town filled with boutiques, classic architecture and grandeur. From leafy lanes to lovely walks.

Everywhere in between. From Burton in Kendal, a village with a lot going on to Halton village on the banks of The Lune. From a Brief Encounter in Carnforth to beautiful Brookhouse. We cover all these and more.


If you aren't quite ready to talk just yet, we understand, it requires plenty of thought, so how about checking out our value checker?  Click here to get an approximate value, it's still in trial mode but may well give you a great guide, we'd love to know if you think it's worked well for you.


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