We Understand

Deciding to sell is most probably the biggest step of all. You’ll have been visiting Rightmove regularly, checking out houses while driving, flicking through some designer magazines wistfully creating your new kitchen in your mind over a cup of tea sat in the garden. We all do it. The space you’ll have upsizing to your forever home, no more socks on the radiator as you’ll have the utility you’ve dreamed of and the place for welly boots after a muddy puddle walk with the dog and the children. The time you’ll have in your courtyard as there’s no more tiresome gardening, dreaming of the holidays you’ll take when you’ve freed up a little of your money.  I know.  I’ve done it all. The excitement of going from contemporary to classic styles or back the other way and the way it will change your life. First though, you really need to sell the one you’ve loved for so long.

Selling any home, especially a unique or premium home you’ve enjoyed over the years can be as daunting as it is exciting. Where do you start?  How do you know if you are making the right decision not only on selling but also on the agent you choose to invest your time and money in? Our marketing is as individual as you are, it fits what your home needs to get it sold. Everything fits from style to sale. We have the freedom to innovate where it will have the biggest result for you and your future. I can’t wait to show you how we’ll get you from here to what you’ve been dreaming about for so long.

We Care

There’s no bigger compliment than helping someone realise their dreams, move their life forward and achieve what they’ve always wanted. Those precious moment in this home will now become a fond part of your past, if you are really ready to let go. If you were my mum, my auntie or my sister you’d be looked after the same way we’ll look after you. It’s my biggest flaw as a business owner and my biggest asset as a wife and mother of two.

We Are Just Like You

Being obsessive about detail makes the biggest difference in everything you do; those colour schemes you’ve already planned, I bet you’ve even spotted the curtains to match. From the way you arrange your candles to the way we tweak a brochure to perfection, it lays the foundations to create the best possible result. Even making sure your bedside lamps are on, or the windows open letting in the breeze on a hot summer’s day viewing. Have you ever seen Victoria try to find a possibility in the seemingly impossible? There is no glass ceiling, there is nothing you won’t do to provide what you need to your family, so we have the same expectations of ourselves to get you the results you need.

We Like You

We want you to embrace our curiosity, welcome the unknown as we pursue our passions with tenacity to innovate a new way forward. If you are as excited as we are about the endless possibilities then we would love to talk some more with you. Perhaps a coffee?

You Need Us

The strength in breaking the mould comes from working with ambitious, creative minds that grow a distinctive brand for you and your property. Bringing quality to life. (ps: It works!). If you love our marketing, if you’ve seen our brochures, or even read our stories for each home, if our photographs have sparked an emotion, or you’ve heard the squeals of delight when your neighbour sold, then we may well be the right agent for you. No one does it like we do.

V Move

As a boutique agency we aren’t afraid of saying no. If we can help, if you are a good fit, we’ll work together beautifully and we’ll get some of the best results possible. But we do keep our portfolio of homes more focused. (Here's why) It must fit with our values. We only want to work with the very best homeowners who completely understand us, understand the sheer power that persuasion marketing has, as we will never compromise on this. This is our thing. This is V Move.

A simple uncomplicated happiness.

Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale

We work in the area of Lancaster to Kirkby Lonsdale.

Lancaster – Our HQ sits gracefully between the Georgian and Victorian beauties. We love how just one corner can change the pace from fast city life to serene canal side living. Just one corner.

Kirkby Lonsdale – A town filled with boutiques, classic architecture and grandeur. From leafy lanes to lovely walks.

Everywhere in between. From Burton in Kendal, a village with a lot going on to Halton village on the banks of The Lune. From a Brief Encounter in Carnforth to beautiful Brookhouse. We cover all these and more.


If you aren't quite ready to talk just yet, we understand, it requires plenty of thought, so how about checking out our value checker?  Click here to get an approximate value, it's still in trial mode but may well give you a great guide, we'd love to know if you think it's worked well for you.


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