Everyone loves meet the team!

Our Company Values

Be passionate and determined
Be devoted to creating client enthusiasm
Relentlessly pursue innovation
Be creative
Always look for marginal gains for our clients
Be honest and truthful
Be accurate, elegant, impactful and resourceful
Be committed to getting the very best results possible

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Helen - Our Personal Assistant

This is Helen. Quite simply put: a superstar.  Helen has worked in estate agency for 9 years before coming here to settle. This has been where she has pushed her own boundaries to be the very best version of herself.

I’ve truly grown as a person since working here, I’ve been encouraged to do more self-development. There’s always something to learn, to be inspired by. The simple change has given me the edge when talking to my clients and gaining the trust of buyers to agree some of the trickiest sales negotiations. I’m a process person, I live with lists and I’m at my happiest when my list is complete. Expanding my own boundaries and learning new techniques has given me the courage to achieve more than I ever thought possible. My understanding of not just selling but the science behind why people buy has been enlightening. I have to say, that I had no idea I could enjoy myself at work. It’s like a second home. I enjoy the challenge of making our wonderful clients happy in all the small ways, and some very very big ones.

I live in the heart of Lancaster too, I grew up here and now I have my own family. My 6 year old Thomas, who’s at a local school and my super husband plus our newest addition, baby Joseph! Ask me anything about Lancaster, it’s my home. My Sundays are spent with family who I’m devoted to, we love to take Thomas & Joseph places to feed their curiosity as growing children, who never stop!

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Katie - Client Executive

Say hello to Katie.  A breath of fresh air, motivated, organised and determined.  Katie is a superstar!  She has vision fuelled by creativity and her proactive attitude won her the honour of our Company Exec!  She is the life and soul of any party (I'm pretty sure she doesn't have the shy gene!)  Having just had the most spectacular wedding she's fresh from honeymoon with a new lease of life.

“It was the 'marginal gains' that made me fall in love here. The first time I listened to the company values I knew it was something I had to be a part of.”

Katie and her new husband Tom are awesome!  They have no fear, from motorboat racing to wakeboarding to mountain climbing, each weekend is stuffed with adventure...and laughter.

A real zest for life, such an amazingly bright outlook on everything.  One thing we love about Katie is her unwavering resolve to push forward, expand boundaries and try anything to make something amazing happen.  It's inspiring.

"I love learning, I love VMOVE's values, that they value things that people forget about or take for granted, I love that the client is the first thing we start with when presented with a problem, 'how does this help Mrs Smith', I love that every single person would go out of their way to help each other.  I've never worked somewhere with a culture of understanding, trust and surprise.  What we create everyday is far more than beautiful marketing and it's why I love coming in every, single, day"

ps:  I also love our online value checker - it's quite interesting!  Try it here

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Indy - Buyer Co-ordinator & Home Stylist

Meet the wonderful Indy.  Oh my you will love her, she's funny, graceful, stylish and even has her very own interiors blog and Instagram world. Indy's role is our Buyer Co-ordinator, she has a builds relationships with our buyers to build and work on trust.  Indy is also one of the stylists for our photograph shoots to get everything prepared for our photographer and she’s amazing!

“The styling part of the process is the most rewarding part for me. Bringing a home to life has become a part of the V Move signature style, and it just feels right to go from flower arranging to polishing apples, while dressing a bed to perfection. Seeing the difference is spectacular. Being part of V Move has taught me that the greatest results come from the desire to want to get a result, which is why Victoria insists on keeping our portfolio more focused.”

Indy loves exotic foods, adds spice to everything and is currently on her 4th home!  This one is Intagrammable!  It's Victorian and incredible.  Living in Hest Bank means she knows the area we cover very well.  She is betrothed to Rob, who is a very lucky man indeed.  One of the things we love about Indy is her understanding of marketing, having attended some world-class sales and marketing training across the country we snapped her up in a heartbeat for her tenacity and client centred approach.

One thing you might not know about Indy is she is allergic to ginger cats! We are not sure why.

Victoria Green owner of V Move

I’m Victoria, I didn’t set out to build what I ended up creating. I’m 35, have two children, Jack who’s 15 completed his first GCSE year at QES and my little Isabella who is is in year 7 at QES in Kirkby Lonsdale.  My husband, a firefighter, and I have been together for 16 years and married for a whopping 10 of those, for which he needs a medal! We have Tilly our black cocker spaniel and  I have moved house, bought and sold 9 times in the last 15 years too. Our most recent was last summer.  I love sleeping.  I’m a big reader too.

It was my vision to build a great company that attracted like-minded clients and made the experience of V Move a lasting one.  Imagine if you built something you are so proud of, how would you work with your clients? It’d be different, right? Well, it is. Every day. No one does it like I do.

Having created something so individual there’s no way of getting anything less than perfect. I surprised myself when I read my team’s quotes, I’ve grown a lovely collection of honest, rounded, ambitious people who care about their work. They care about getting things right, they care about being the very best they can be as individuals and as a team. I know that their hearts will ensure that everything they do is the right thing, and every day they make choices to help every one of our clients in every way possible. By enabling them to succeed, this, in turn, makes our houses achieve results our clients can only dream of.