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Who should do the negotiation?

Negotiating on the sale price of your home is quite a big deal, and we know, that with the advancements from DIY agents there are many people who are negotiating over messages on the biggest deal in their lives. Nb:  if you are negotiating on your own home, you’ll also want to read this one…Read More→

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Our Top Tips for Negotiating

There are 3 things that have to be the very best in order for your home to sell, and one of the three is the negotiating. Negotiating a deal is easy, negotiating an amazing deal is a skill. Of course, as with any negotiation, having an 3rd party doing the negotiations keeps the emotions out…Read More→


Your 4, 8 and 12 week review

When your home has been launched, many people, just like you, believe that this is the end of the agent’s job. It’s online, now all the buyers will rush to your door, surely.   The launch is just the beginning and as part of a continuous strategy to get you the best result possible.  That might…Read More→

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What is your Rightmove Score?

We’ve been working on a Rightmove Score Card all year and we’ve just launched it.  It is usually part of our client only service but we’d like to offer your score to you too if you are on the market and haven’t yet sold. I’m sure, even if you’ve been on the market for a while…Read More→


The Effect of Smell on Your Sale

We all have 5 senses and they all come in handy when your shopping.  For sofas you’ll use touch along with sight, for cars you’ll call upon your hearing, for the sound of the engine.  When you shop for a home you’ll use all your senses, well, except taste, unless you had Pica Disorder.  Google…Read More→

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Client Showcase – Wood Close, Arnside

  How beautiful does it look?  All tranquil and luscious, yet it had struggled for months and months with it’s previous agent.  It hadn’t had many viewings and the owners were desperate to emigrate to a sunnier climate (Australia…How lucky they were).  But they couldn’t shift it.  It was at an asking price of £225,000. …Read More→


What REALLY makes your home sell?

  There are many other factors that determine the saleability of a home.  Increasing the saleability is easy!  I thought I would share these with you.  The better you are in all the categories the higher your chance of achieving that sale and get moved.  How do you compare? Presentation Houses that are presented well…Read More→

Struggling to sell?

Is your home struggling to sell?

  Have you just googled, ‘I can’t sell my home’, ‘struggling to sell my home’?  Looks like you found the right blog post! It’s all about…Market Vs Marketing   So how’s your sale going?  I’m sure you’ve been getting loads of viewings during this sunny weather, had some offers too perhaps.  Is that right?  I…Read More→

6 simple tricks

6 Simple Tricks to Get More Viewings

  September is generally a great month for new properties coming on the market and generally lots of activity.  With more active buyers, there are also more choice for them.   More Viewings mean more chances of offers, and when the offers start rolling in, they get higher if there‘s a little competition or you…Read More→